Our services are tailored to the size your business.

For established businesses, our consultants analyse your current IT infrastructure and assess emerging needs to understand where and how cloud solutions can make your business more efficient. While in the past, IT upgrades involved investing in expensive hardware and software, the upfront costs of adopting cloud solutions are considerably lower and quickly recovered by cost savings and increased efficiency.

For start-ups, we’ll work with you to understand your current and future needs as your business grows to develop a long-term IT strategy. Integrating cloud functionality from the initial stages will provide a flexible platform for growth so that you don’t have to worry about regular infrastructure upgrades.


Once we have understood your IT needs, we’ll develop relevant integrated solutions for your business.

This could take the form of:

Developing a new cloud-based system; developing relevant cloud-based apps; or alternatively integrating cloud functionality with legacy systems if this is the most appropriate solution.

Our solutions are always customised to meet the needs of your business: whether you want a completely new system or to retain elements of your current infrastructure we will work with you to design a system that meets the needs of you and your team.


Once we have developed a system to meet your needs, Cintros will then assist with migration to ensure this is a smooth and hassle-free process.

We will set up the new cloud services, put in place the relevant infrastructure such as accounts and storage space, configure the system to better meet your individual needs (e.g. data flow and management optimisation) and also assist with migrating data to the new system.


Changing systems can be daunting, so we can help to make the switch as easy and seamless as possible by providing tailored training for team members.

We can provide on-going guidance to ensure the transition is well-managed, so that your team are comfortable and confident using the new system and understand the different features and benefits. Training can be tailored to meet the needs of different internal audiences from IT professionals and administrators to the wider team, as well as to different levels of competence and comfort with technology.